April 20, 2021

Meet Director, Nigel Hole Updates Potential Impact Of Covid-19 Public Health Regulations on 2021 Vancouver Sun Harry Jerome Classic

Dear athletes and coaches,

I just wanted to reach out and give you an update on the Vancouver Sun Harry Jerome International Track Classic planned for June 12, 2021.

As you are probably aware, COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, etc have risen considerably in British Columbia over the last few weeks. We had been hoping that restrictions around competition and travel would be getting easier throughout the spring, but so far they are getting tougher.

As of now, we are still planning on hosting the meet, and are committed to doing all that we can to hold it. We have the desire and the appetite to help as many 'high performance' and 'development' athletes compete as we can. We are in regular communication with BC Athletics and Athletics Canada to find creative, yet safe, ways of doing that.

While we are of course hoping that COVID restrictions doe ease over the coming weeks, there are currently 2 significant types of restrictions in place:

1.       Travel & out of province athletes

o   Last week we were notified that as of now, only BC-based athletes are currently allowed to complete in BC.  At this time and until the Provincial Health Order is amended, only those athletes who were in British Columbia as of March 31, 2021 will be allowed to enter any High Performance Competitions scheduled in British Columbia.

·       Athletes returning home to BC will be allowed to compete after completing the required self-isolation or quarantine:

§  Out of Province: 5-7 days + a negative COVID test result (see attached for more details)

§  Out of Country: 14 days as per Government of Canada travel requirements.

o   This was further compounded today by the announcement that travel between provinces, and even between regions within BC, is becoming even more restricted. Hotels will not be accepting reservations from travellers outside that region for the next 5 weeks (up to May 24). BC Athletics is awaiting more guidance from ViaSport on how these new travel orders will impact the high performance sport exemption. BC Athletics will advise once received.

2.       Athletics Canada Long List and CSI-P

o   Currently the only athletes who are eligible to compete in high performance competitions in BC (like the Harry Jerome) are those on either the Athletics Canada Long List, or CSI-P registered athletes.

o   Athletes who hold membership with another provincial/territorial branch currently training in BC and who meet the criteria for the high performance exemption should apply here.

Harry Jerome

In summary, if the meet were held tomorrow, only BC-Based athletes who are A. on the Athletics Canada Long List, or B. CSI-P carded, would be eligible to complete

We are of course hoping that both of those restrictions loosen by June 12 so that more athletes are eligible to compete.

Should the travel restrictions lift, we do have a budget for travel stipends (ranging from $500 to $1500 per athlete depending on calibre). Prize money will also be offered BOTH for top 3 finishes AND for reaching certain World Athletics points thresholds at the meet (tentatively set at 1110 points and up).

Although it pains me to say this, out-of-province athletes should refrain from booking travel at this time, and may want to explore back-up options in the event that the current restrictions are still in place on June 12.

Nigel Hole

Meet Director

Harry Jerome