In gratitude for Doug and Diane’s 57 years of leading the Achilles International Track & Field Society (Achilles) their friends and colleagues created a lasting Clement family legacy. They achieved this by creating an endowment fund to grant scholarships to community minded student athletes at the University of BC (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU).

In early 2022, an Achilles Clement Scholarship Committee* of 11 approached in secret the athletic community, colleagues, and close corporate connections to try and raise $100,000 for an endowment fund at the Vancouver Foundation. These early donators were to be known as the “Founders Club 57.”

At the end of May at a surprise reception, Doug and Diane and the Clement family were told that donations of $180,000 had been received with a multi-year commitment to total $255,000. Donations ranged from $50 to $25,000, and one multi-year donation of $100,000 by Victory Creative Group & Mark Starkey.

With great appreciation, listed below are the 100 initial donators:

Founders Club 57
Dylan Armstrong
Brian & Rose Blamey
Peter & Karen Butler
Alvin Chow
Brian & Anne Cliff
Doug Consiglio
Charmaine Crooks
Peter & Anna Diemer
Lori Durward
Entwistle Family Foundation
Geri & Drew Fitch
Jason Gray
Nigel Hole
Tim Hopkins
Dennis & Carol Hoy
Marek Jedrzejek
Chris Johnson
Gary Kingston
Colin Laight
Wendy Long
Jill MacLauchlan & Kevin Parks
Dr. Don Mckenzie
Ron Mattison
Richard Miller & Chantal Nevo
Carey Nelson
Bill & Yolande Paine
Brian & Paula Phillips
Brian Pound
Rabinder Rai
Dr. Alec Ritchie
Greg Ryan
Carl Savage
Joan Sheanh
Bill Smart
Andre Smith
John Stevenson
Jack & Cheryl Taunton
Norm Tinkham
Townsend Family
Tiiu Vaartnou
John & Shannon Wheeler
Paul Williams
Jerry Ziak
Dr. Doug Webber
Chris & Leslie White
Paul Wong
Anna Ziarek
Tourigny Family
Norm Trerise
Markus Bill
Larry Blaschuk
Ed Booth
Dave Campbell
Clement-Gale Family
John Coates 
Zeba Crook
** John Currie
Evan Dunfee
Phil Ellis
Graeme Fell
Ken & Anneli French
Chris Hancock
Simon Hoogewerf
Cheryl & Tom Howard 
Carmyn James
Valerie Jerome
Lynn Kanuka
Allan Klassen & Marcie Good
Sue & Richard Lee
Dr. Rob Lloyd-Smith
Dr. Bob McCormack
Max & Margrit Meier
Shane O'Brien
Ian Newhouse
Fred Pawluk
Ken Poskitt
Laurier Primeau
Gary Reed
Tinker Robinson
Bill & April Sanders
Jeff Scheibler
George Short
Gavin Smart & Rhonda Roylance
Jim & Wendy Scorgie
Gerry Swan
Cindy and Ken Teskey
Mark Starkey
** Two year donor
* Achilles Scholarship Committee Dr. Ken Poskitt, John Wheeler, Marek Jedrzejek, Markus Bill, Brian Blamey, Charmaine Crooks, Chris Hancock, Dennis Hoy, Lynn Kanuka, Allan Klassen, William Paine, Carl Savage
Public Phase Donations – 2022 to 2023
With the Clement Scholarship Fund made public, a second phase of fundraising began in the fall of 2022. As of May 2023, an additional $143,000 has been raised. This includes a $100,000 gift from Pacific Road Runners from their legacy fund as they wind down their active operations. Achilles has agreed to name in their honor a fifth Clement scholarship in 2024.

With great appreciation, we recognize the following donors:
Craig Asmundson
Michael Bentley
Dr. Philip Clement
In Memory of Ivor Davies
Suzy & Hartley
Randy & Mary Kaardal
Bill & Jana Maclagan
Winne & Mary Beth Meeuwisse
David & Pamela Richardson
In Memory of Dr. Drew Young

Pacific Road Runners
Victory Creative Group, Inc
Larry Beazley
Neil Chomos
Barbara Cook
Trish Hopkins & Bob Doran
George & Jane Hungerford
Frieder & Irene Kempe
Marcelle & Donald McLean
Andrew Pipe
Dr. Kristin Wingfield

Clement Support Letter
Donations with an immediate tax receipt can be made by going to this Vancouver Foundation link. We thank you for your support! 
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Clement Scholarship News
Value of Scholarship Funds
At the end of March 2023, the market value of the socially responsible fund plus accumulated income for scholarship grants sat at $206,000. At the end of May, when including new donations and the multi-year commitment, the total has grown to $391,000.

Matching Grants from UBC & SFU to Double Scholarships
We are pleased to announce and thank UBC and SFU for offering matching scholarship programs for up to $5,000 per year for the next 10 and five years, respectively. As a result, Achilles, the Clements, the Vancouver Foundation and the two universities are working towards granting $20,000 of scholarships (4 x $5,000) to four student athletes later in 2023.