January 24, 2020

Jaeland Cummings brings speed background to the U18 sprints at Jerome Indoor games

Jaeland Cummings at U16 National Championships

Jaeland Cummings comes to the Jerome Indoor Games on Saturday, February 1 with a perfect record last year. In 2019 as a grade 8 student at Notre Dame Regional Secondary School, Jaeland won the BC High School sprints for that division. She continued during the summer by winning the 100m and 200m at the U16 National Championships in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She was named the outstanding female performer at this U16 Canadian Championships.

Jaeland chosen top performer at U16 Nationals

Jaeland has  personal bests of 8.54 in the indoor 60m and bests of 12.49-100m and 25.34-200m outdoors. The Jerome Indoor Games, now in it's 10th year has very strong meet records. The U18 60m meet record is 7.84 for the 60m by Jasneet Nijjar, now a frosh at Washington State University. Jessica Williams, now a duo sport athlete at the University of British Columbia holds the U18 300m meet record of 41.83.

Jaeland will face competition in the U18 division 60m at the Jerome Indoor Games from Estella Mainella of the Vancouver Thunderbirds who enters with a time of 7.93. Claire Bosma of the Richmond Kajaks has an entry time just 0.5 seconds behind Jaeland's time the U18 300m.

Entries close on January 26 and coaches are encouraged to enter now at Trackie.ca