Indoor Harry Jerome Track Classic 2024

FEBRUARY 3, 2024 |  Olympic Oval ~ 6111 River Road, Richmond, BC



DECEMBER 17, 2021


2022 Jerome Indoor Games


Saturday, February 5, 2022
9:45 AM  5:30 PM
Richmond Olympic Oval

On February 5th it's the 2022 edition of the Harry Jerome Indoor Games.  The Indoor Games is an exciting event held each year that provides an opportunity for track athletes of all ages to participate.

Co-sponsors: The Richmond Kajaks Track and Field Club & Achilles International Track & Field Society

This is the eleventh year that this event offers the opportunity to compete on the indoor track and field complex at the Richmond Olympic Oval. The facility accommodates a level, 5-lane 200 metre oval running track plus room for shot put and high jump. In addition, a separate 100m straightaway offers a safe, 5-lane environment for up to 60m sprints and 60m hurdles events.

NOTE: The Richmond Oval parking spaces can be limited. Please allow additional time to secure parking and  to complete Covid 19 full vaccination protocol of the Richmond Olympic Oval and BC Athletics (see BCA Athletic policy

Update on Covid Safety Protocols.

Harry Jerome Indoor Games - Covid Safety Protocols for all athletes, spectators, coaches, officials and volunteers:

*Vaccination status requirements apply to all attendees: spectators, officials, volunteers, coaches and athletes.  

*Everyone 18 years and older must provide proof of double vaccination status before entering the building.  

* Individuals age 12-18 must be double vaccinated but will not be asked to prove it.  The honour system can protect us all.  

* Masks must be worn by everyone entering the building.

* The mask must be worn for the duration of everyone's time inside the building.

* the mask must cover your nose and mouth completely.

* The only exception is that masks can be taken off by a participant while running, jumping or throwing but must be immediately put back on after their activity.  New masks will be available at the finish line for those who discover they need one.

* Violation of these rules will result in an individual being disallowed to remain inside the Richmond Olympic Oval, there will be no re-admittance or refunds in this case.

These rules are in response to directives by City of Richmond, Richmond Olympic Oval, Provincial Health Office and BC Athletics and are subject to change without prior notice.

Richmond Oval Parking Map



Go to  for meet registration

JD (Born 2013-2012-2011-2010-2009), U16 (Born 2008-2007), U18 (Born 2006-2005), Masters & Open Divisions (Men & Women).


JD (born 2013-2009): 60m - 600m - 4X200m Mixed Relay (2G/2B)

JD (born 2010-2009): Shot Put (Boys/Girls)

U16, U18, Masters, Open:

60m – 60mH – 300m – 600m – 1000m – 1200m*/1500m - 4x200m Relay - HJ – SP

* 1200m is the official distance event for U16 W/M

CO-ED RACE-WALK EVENTS 1500m U16-U18-Open: 800m JD (born 2010-2009)

Awards: Medals to top 3 finishers in ALL DIVISIONS with 3 or more entries

The Pacific World Cup for the University team aggregate point winner.

Scoring: 6-4-3-2-1

The Eaton Cup for the Club team (U16-U18-Open) aggregate winner.

Scoring: 6-4-3-2-1

Awards for best individual performance in U16 W/M; U18 W/M, Masters W/M, Open W/M

Entry Fees: $17.50 per person per event; $35.00 per relay team

Large Team Entry Fee Ceiling: $400 per gender team.

Entries open Dec 10, 2021 and close midnight, Friday, Jan 28, 2022.  

Go to:

BC Athletics Membership Requirements:

All participants in the meet must hold a 2022 BC Athletics or equivalent membership in order to take part in the meet. More BC Athletics information at:

Eligible memberships are:

  • 2022 Competitive BC Athletics membership
  • 2022 Competitive membership with another province or IAAF Federation
  • 2022 Team Roster membership with a 2020 BC Athletics affiliated Post-Secondary Club
  • 2021/2022 BC Athletics School Club (Elementary through High School) membership

Elementary through High School aged athletes who are not with a 2021/2022BC Athletics School Club are permitted to take out a $3.00 Day of Event membership in order to participate in the meet.  

Note: Day of Event memberships are not permitted for any other age group.

Meet Records


Important Changes & Reminders:

  • Over 400 applications for entry were received in 2020
  • The meet will continue to incorporate the straightaway adjacent to the oval for all 60m and 60mHurdle events. Events will run simultaneously on both the oval and the straightaway.
  • Avoid time conflicts with events by reviewing this bulletin before completing entry applications.
  • The ordering of pin spikes is integrated into the online event registration process at!
  • The Pacific World Cup (University) and Eaton Cup (Club) aggregate team winners as well as awards for the Outstanding individual performance in each division (U16; U18; Open; Masters) will be presented at the conclusion of the meet.

Technical Notes:

·       Separate ‘Masters-only’ sections of the 60m are available if numbers permit.

·       Junior-aged and Masters-aged athletes may apply to compete in the Open division.

·       Open Women and Open Men 60m B-finals will only be run if size of field warrants.

·       All athletes, especially relay team members, are encouraged to wear club jerseys

·       If spikes are worn, only the following pin spike will be allowed for use on the Pulastic flooring. Omni-Lite 5mm Ceramic Indoor Pyramid spike and Omni-Lite 7mm Ceramic Indoor Pyramid spike The use of any other type or longer length of spike is prohibited and will be strictly enforced. Spikes may be purchased online for $7.00 per set at time of registration or onsite day of meet

·       The Track Zone starting blocks will be the only ones utilized.

·       We endeavor to ensure that the appropriate shot weights and sizes

·       and hurdle heights and spacing are available during the competition.

·       High Jump

·       Opening or Starting Heights for High Jumps has been established.

·       Women - 1.20m (all ages)

·       Men - 1.35m (all ages)

·       Increments will be 5cm until the last remaining athlete (includes all age groups)

Specs for 60m Hurdles:

• Age Classes: U16 Women/Men; U18 Women/Men; U20 Women/Men; Open Women/Men; Masters Women/Men

As in 2019 the event was available for Masters Men 79 years and younger, Masters Women 59 years and younger. The stadium does not have 27” Hurdles and this will remove the necessity of our having to borrow or rent them

from elsewhere and then transport them to the stadium.

Specs for Shot Put:

• Age Classes: JD B/G (born 2008-2007); U16 W/M (14/15); U18 W/M (16/17); U20 W/M (18/19); Open W/M; Masters W/M. Throwing Implements are provided. JD weight is 3 kg.

Start Lines & Staggers: (* = run on straightaway)
• 60m*, 60mH*, 300m – run in lanes all the way (300 has 3-curve staggered start)
• 600m – 2-curve staggered start; break in after second curve
• 1000m – start on single or double curved line; break in when clear; 8 runners max
• 1200m and 1500m - start on single or double curved line; break in when clear; 9 runners max • 4 x 200m Relay – 3-curve staggered start: break in after third curve; 20m exchange zone
• 1500m Race Walk – start on single or double curved line; break in when clear; 24 runners max • 800m Race Walk – start on single or double curved line; break in when clear;