Vancouver Sun Harry Jerome Track Classic: Preliminary Start List and Schedule

Preliminary Start List and Schedule subject to adjustment

Subject to change

Subject to change


Preliminary Start List for Jerome Track Classic 2016

Subject to change

 Name Country PB

100m Men

Ryan Bailey USA 9.88

Andre De Grasse'94 CAN 9.92

Kemar Hyman CAY 9.95

Justyn Warner CAN 10.09

Dontae Richards-Kwok CAN 10.12

Akeem Haynes CAN 10.15

Joe Morris USA 10.19

Ashton EatonUSA10.25

200m Men

Tremaine Harris CAN 20.22

Jermy Dodson SAM 20.26

Devin Jenkins USA 20.39

Joe Morris USA 20.43

Arthur Delaney USA 20.49

Jerome Blake CAN 20.96

Rohan Stewart CAN 21.20

400m Men

Jeremy Wariner USA 43.45

Vernon Norwood USA 44.44

Phliip Osei CAN 45.23

Frankie Wright USA 46.24

Nathan George CAN 46.45

Michael Aono CAN 46.79

800m Men

Duane Solomon USA 1:42.82

Charles Jock USA 1:44.67

Anthony Romaniw CAN 1:45.60

Geoff Harris CAN 1:45.97

Prince Mumba ZAM 1:46.14

Dusty Solis USA 1:47.18

Corey Bellemore CAN 1:47.68

Alex Ullman CAN 1:47.71

800m National Men

Tyler Smith CAN 1:47.71

Daniel Block CAN 1:47.93

Adam Paul Morris CAN 1:48.09

Brendon Restall CAN 1:48.43

Sacha Smart CAN 1:48.72

Tommy Land CAN 1:48.82

Cameron Proceviat CAN 1:49.12

Matthew Swanson CAN 1:50.04

Lukas Jarron CAN 1:50.80

Dean Ellenwood CAN 1:51.78

1500m Men

Jordan McNamara USA 3:34.00

Patrick Casey USA 3:35.32

Taylor Milne CAN 3:36.00

Cam Levins CAN 3:36.88

Josh Wright AUS 3:37.10

Thomas Riva CAN 3:37.34

Mac Fleet USA 3:38.35

Jordan Gusman AUS 3:38.58

Eric Jenkins USA 3:38.98

Luc Bruchet CAN 3:39.13

Ross Proudfoot CAN 3:39.16

Peter Corrigan CAN 3:40.15

Robert Denault CAN 3:40.78

Justin Marpole-Bird CAN 3:40.79

NickFalk CAN 3:40.83

Dan Gorman CAN 3:40.96

1500m National Men

Jeremy Roff AUS 3:34.39

Justin Kent CAN 3:41.00

Joshua Johnson AUS 3:43.55

Zach Hansen USA 3:42.64

Connor Darlington CAN 3:42.53

Nicolas Morin CAN 3:45.40

Mathew Dempsey AUS 3:45.85

Samuel Vincent CAN 3:45.90

Cole Peterson CAN 3:47.18

Marc-Antoine Rouleau CAN 3:47.96

Christian Gravel CAN 3:49.37

Reid Muller CAN 3:49.98

Brendon Hoff CAN 3:51.17

Theo Hunt CAN 3:52.00

Ephraim Tadesse ETH 3:54.31

Jesse Hooton CAN 3:58.29

3000m Steeplechase Men

Don Cabra lUSA 8:13.37

Donnie Cowar tUSA 8:23.38

James Nipperess AUS 8:32.59

Andres Camilo Camargo COL 8:33.82

Ryan Brockerville CAN 8:34.09

John Gay CAN 8:53.38

Deon Clifford CAN 8:59.29

Joel De Schiffart CAN 9:06.10

Ryan Grieco CAN 9:24.43

Nickk Colyn CAN 9:29.63

Ryan Smeeton'98 CAN 5:52.64 2ksc

Thomas Nobbs CAN

5000m Race Walk Mixed

Inaki Gomez CAN 18:45.64

Evan Dunfee CAN 18:53.06

Ben Thorne CAN 19:00.92

Brendon Reading AUS 20:19.70

Mathieu Bilodeau CAN 20:34.55

Alger Liang CAN 22:19

Caleb Chang CAN 22:30

Erik Thies CAN 22:32

Katelynn Ramage CAN 23:30

Kyra Daniels CAN 25:34

High Jump Men

Derek Drouin CAN 2.40m

Jesse Williams USA 2.37m

Mike Mason CAN 2.33m

Ed Wright USA 2.25m

Garrett Huyler USA 2.25m

Geoff Davis USA 2.24m

Django Lovett CAN 2.23m

Sean Cate CAN 2.19mi

Phillippe St Hilaire CAN 2.13m

Ashton Eaton USA 2.11m

Javelin Men

Cyrus Hostetler USA 83.83m

Riley Dolezal USA 83.50m

Sean Furey USA 83.08m

Ryan Young USA 79.89m

Evan Karakolis CAN 79.30m

Kyle Nielsen CAN 77.24m

Devin Bogert USA 75.74m

Raymond Dykstra CAN 75.58m

Brendan Artley CAN 65.61m


Name Country PB

 100m Women

Jenna Pradini USA 10.95

Kimberlyn Duncan USA 10.96

Shai-Anne Davis CAN 11.33

Joy Spear Chief-Morris CAN 11.68

Whitney Rowe CAN 11.74

200m Women

Muna Lee USA 22.01

Kimberlyn Duncan USA 22.19

Jenna Prandini USA 22.20

Shai-Anne Davis CAN 23.12

Whitney Rowe CAN 23.53

Jenny Rintoul CAN 24.24

Valda Kabia CAN 24.76

400m Women

Patricia Hall JAM 50.71

Leslie Cole USA 51.20

Audrey Jean-Baptiste CAN 51.93

Alicia Brown CAN 52.08

Sage Watson CAN 52.20

Nicolle Sassine CAN 52.25

Madeline Price CAN 53.20

800m Women

Melissa Bishop CAN 1:57.52

Brenda Martinez USA 1:57.91

Jessica Smith CAN 1:59.86

Chrishuna Williams USA 1:59.89

Shannon Rowbury USA 2:00.03

Lea Wallace USA 2:00.30

Lauren Wallace USA 2:00.48

Jenna Westaway CAN 2:02.12

800m National

Geena Gall USA 1:59.24

Karine Belleau-Beliveau CAN 2:01.13

Helen Crofts CAN 2:01.35

Rachel Aubry CAN 2:01.56

Lora Storey AUS 2:01.67

Annie Leblanc CAN 2:01.87

Samantha Murphy CAN 2:02.10

Rachel Francois CAN 2:02.18

Lindsey Butterworth CAN 2:02.88

Greta Feldman USA 2:03.34

Devan Wiebe CAN 2:04.91

Grace Annear CAN 2:05.20

Casey Atkin CAN 2:05.89

Andrea Propp CAN 2:07.81

Ginelle Demone CAN 2:07.90

Tamara HarrisCAN2:08.22

1500m Women

Shannon Rowbury USA 3:56.29

Gabriele Grunewald USA 4:01.48

Sheila Reid CAN 4:02.96

Sarah Brown USA 4:03.20

Lauren Johnson USA 4:04.17

Nikki Hamblin NZ 4:04.82

Hilary Stellingwerff CAN 4:05.08

Fiona Benson CAN 4:05.24

Kate Van Buskirk CAN 4:05.38

Sasha Gollish CAN 4:07.08

Gabriela Stafford CAN 4:07.83

Lauren Paquette-Hagans USA 4:09.86

Bridey Delaney AUS 4:10.32

Leah O'Connnor USA 4:11.04

Andrea Seccafien CAN 4:11.80

1500m National

Carise Thompson CAN 4:12.32

Sophie Watts CAN 4:14.31

Erica Digby CAN 4:14.73

Laura Carlyle CAN 4:15.36

Kendra Pomfret CAN 4:15.49

Mariah Kelly CAN 4:16.18

Sarah McPherson CAN 4:16.38

Genevieve Lalonde CAN 4:16.46

Kate Ayers CAN 4:17.01

Annie Beck USA 4:17.77

Nicole Hutchinson CAN 4:23.36

Ayla Granados USA 4:23.62

Madeleine Sumner CAN 4:25.01

Evelyne Guay CAN 4:26.17

Jennie Baragar-Petrash CAN 4:28.21

Grace Thompson CAN 4:32.32

Melissa Jones CAN 4:33.50i

Claire Sumner CAN 4:34.25

100m Hurdles Women

Lolo Jones USA 12.43

Angela Whyte CAN 12.63

Bridgette Owens USA 12.71

Brianne Theisen-Eaton CAN 12.98

Christie Moerman CAN 13.14

Kaylon Eppinger USA 13.12

Karelle Edwards CAN 13.33

3000m Steeplechase Women

Jamie Cheever USA 9:29.13

Bridget Franek USA 9:29.53

Jessica Furlan CAN 9:33.45

Katelyn Steen USA 9:42.68

Chantelle Groenewoud CAN 9:45.42

Rolanda Bell PAN 9:47.16

Alexina Wilson USA 9.50.07

Maria Bernard CAN 9:53.71

Allix Portratz- Lee USA 9:55.62

Erica Richardson USA 9:55.81

Megan Patrignelli USA 9:56.56

Regan Yee CAN 10:06.14

Mel Newbery GBR 10:16.83

Long Jump Women

Whitney Gipson USA 6.97m

Bianca Stuart BAH 6.83m

Tori Polk USA 6.75m

Brianne Theisen-Eaton CAN 6.72m

Sabrina Nettey CAN 6.32m

High Jump Women

Inika McPherson USA 1.96m

Alyx Treasure CAN 1.93m

Rachel McCoy USA 1.93m

Saniel Atkinson-Grier JAM 1.89m

Rachel Machin CAN 1.86m

Emma Kimoto CAN 1.85m

Alexa Propaczy CAN 1.75m

Javelin Women

Brittany Borman USA 64.75m

Liz Gleadle'88 CAN 64.50m

Kimberley Hamilton USA 59.05m

Krista Woodward CAN 60.15m

Melissa Fraser CAN 54.87m

Brittni Wolczyk CAN 52.15m

Bethany Drake USA 54.18m

Katie Reichert USA 54.03m

Teagen Rasche CAN 49.56m