Postmedia support physical activity and sport with corporate responsibility

Patricia Wu Patricia Wu, the Manager of Local Marketing, Western Canada for Postmedia confirmed support for the Achilles 2015 track and field season this week.

She said “On behalf of The Vancouver Sun and Province, we would be pleased to confirm our continued donation to the Achilles Track and Field Society for next year.

The Vancouver Sun and Province have supported track and field for over 30 years. The financial support over these years mounts to over 2 million dollars in total.  This makes Postmedia the largest corporate supporter of this Olympic Sport in all of Canada. This is possible by the community support of the largest road race in Canada, The Vancouver Sun Run with close to 50,000 runners and walkers.  Achilles initiated this 10k event in 1984 with sponsorship by the Vancouver Sun, which now operates this celebration to fitness.

Joining Postmedia in announcing their support were the Schein Foundation and Farabloc Corporation.  These organizations continue their financial contribution to providing opportunities for physical activities for our youth.


The Achilles Track and Field Society will produce three major events in 2015.

1.     The Vancouver Sun Jerome Indoor Games on February 7th at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

2.     The Province Gran Forza V on April 11th at the Richmond Olympic Oval

3.     The Vancouver Sun Harry Jerome International Track Classic on June 8th at Swangard Stadium.

Olympic medalists Steve Podborski of TELUS present trophy

These events provide opportunities to elementary age, high school, university and international athletes to compete in track and field events.

This coming year will be of particular importance as Canada is hosting the Pan American Games in Toronto in July.  The season will culminate in August with the World Championships in Beijing in August.