Carline Muir to Run 400m at Jerome

Muir builds towards 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil

 Edmonton runner has missed most of the last two years with a stress fracture in her right foot
Muir builds towards 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil

Edmonton’s Carline Muir, left, races to the finish line beside Monica Hargrove of the United states in the women’s 400 meters at the Edmonton International Track Classic at Foote Field on July 6, 2014.

Photograph by: Larry Wong , Edmonton Journal

EDMONTON - After two years off because of a stress fracture to her right foot, Edmonton’s Carline Muir said she was pleased with her 400-metre race Sunday at the Edmonton International Track Classic.

It was one of her first races since recovering from her injury.

“It was a great race,” the 26-year-old runner said minutes after her fifth-place finish in 52.38 seconds,

Muir was born in Jamaica and first became interested in track and field while in school. When she was 12, she moved to Toronto and then later to Edmonton.

Running is now her passion.

“I love the competition and I love getting faster,” she said. “I just love competing and putting on a great performance for everyone and encouraging youth to follow their dream in anything they want to do, as long as they love it.”

In addition to being a competitive runner, Muir is also a student at the University of Alberta, where she has one semester left to get her degree. It has taken longer than usual because she has been taking time off to focus on her sport.

When she is at school, she studies sports management with a minor in theology.

“It’s kinda interesting. You travel the world so much, you get a broader view on people’s perspectives and everything,” she said.

As for Sunday’s race, Muir said she struggled because of pain in her foot, but that she pushed through because it was her home audience.

“I have to do it. I’m here, it’s my hometown, my crowd is here, I have to put on some kind of performance for them,” she explained.

Since January, Muir has been working out at the National Training Center in Florida, a major destination for athletes. She said her training has been going well since she ended her break, but there has been one major complication. Because of the hiatus from competing, she doesn’t have any sponsors to help with her expenses.

“That was the biggest struggle coming back into the sport after being injured, I didn’t have any support or anything to help me get back. I have to dig into my own pocket,” she said. “But right now, it’s worth it … I love what I do and it’s my passion.”

In recent years, Muir has been an athlete to watch on the athletics’ scene. She finished in the top 16 at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, when she was only 20 years old. She said it was the biggest moment of her career.

From now on, she’ll be training for the 2016 Olympics at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

“I will finish (university) next year, but right now my focus is the Olympics.”

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