2015 Additional details for Athletes and Coaches

Athlete Information

Athlete Accreditation

Athletes will receive their meet packages at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel (Meet Central) or at the stadium east side Athlete Pass Gate. This year, athletes will be supplied with one bib with their names and are asked to attach these to the front of their singlets. The exception will be the pole vault where bib can be used on back. Hip numbers will be assigned and distributed at the line start of each track event and must be affixed to both right and left sides of all athletes.

Warm-up Area

Runners can use Central Park trails and back stretch of track to warm-up prior to their event. After marshaling athletes, will be escorted onto the track and allowed to set their blocks and to do a quick stride. For field event athletes there will be official warm-ups prior to the competition.

Marshaling and Athlete Control Centre

Marshaling will take place at the start location for each event 20 to 30 minutes before the posted start time.  Runners can use Central Park trails and back stretch of the track to warm up prior to their event. Once marshaling for an event is complete track athletes will be allowed to set their blocks and to do a quick stride – for field event athletes, there will be official warm ups prior to the start of the competition. Athletes will be required to assemble for the official introductions prior to the start of the event.

Ground Transportation

The best way to get to Swangard Stadium is via the official bus provided from the meet hotel in Richmond. Swangard Stadium is located just West of the Sky Train rapid transit Metrotown station on the border of Vancouver and Burnaby at Boundary Road and Kingsway.


Will be available at both the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel and Swangard Stadium. Schedules are posted at the Meet Central room.


Athletes that have qualified will be issued their prize money or other prizes at the Awards Tent located at the south end of the stands (near the finish line). Talk to Brian Blamey or Rob Lonergan

Technical Meeting

Sunday, June 7: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm – Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel (Meet Center)

Shuttle Bus Schedule

Monday, June 8 – Bus Shuttle to/from Swangard Stadium

  • 4:30 pm & 5:30 pm & 6:30 pm: depart hotel for stadium
  • 8:45 pm & 9:45 pm: depart stadium for hotel.  Will arrange to have small school bus available for athletes in Doping Control, etc.

Tuesday June 9 – Bus/Ferry to University of Victoria Residences

  • 9:30 am: bus departs from meet hotel to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal
  • 11:00 am ferry sails from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal for Schwartz Bay on Vancouver Island.
  • 12:45 am: bus transfer from Schwartz Bay Ferry Terminal to University of Victoria residences