2015 The Province Harry Jerome Gran Forza V

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Entry & Technical Information

As of March 15, 2015. Download here.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

This will be the fifth annual opportunity to participate at the now world famous Richmond Olympic Oval on the uniquely developed Track Zone’s 200m oval running track.


The Richmond Kajaks Track & Field Club and
The Achilles International Track & Field Society

Sanctioned by: BC School Sports & BC Athletics


Richmond Olympic Oval

6111 River Road, Richmond, BC


  • Medals to first, second and third place teams based on total aggregate points scored in the five events.
  • Trophies to the first place team in each division.
  • Harry Jerome Timex Watches to the outstanding performer in each division
  • TELUS® Track & Field Bursary directed to the support of track & field programs, in the amounts of $1250, $750, and $500, for a total of $10,000, respectively awarded to the schools represented by the first three teams in each of the 4 divisions.
  • ALL AWARDS will be presented at the end of the meet.

What is the Gran Forza V ?There are four divisions:

Juvenile Girls, Juvenile Boys (Grades 8 & 9)

Senior Girls, Senior Boys (Grades 10-12)

  • In each division, school teams of 4 or 5 athletes will compete in multi-dimensional events that will test strength, speed and endurance and will score points based on international scoring tables.
  • The individual events consist of the 50 metres, 800 metres, standing long jump and shot put.
  • The group event is a 4 x 200 metre relay.
  • Each team may enter only one athlete in each individual event
  • Each team member can enter a maximum of one individual event plus the relay.
  • The points after each individual competition will be determined and the running total for all teams will be calculated.  This total after the first four events will determine the seeding for the final event, the 4 x 200 metre relay.
  • The 800 metre events will be seeded sections related to best 2014 outdoor 800 metre performances.


Schedule of Events:


         as of February 20, 2015

11:50 PM Opening Ceremony
12:00 PM 800m Juvenile Girls 12:00 SLJ / SP Juvenile Girls
12:15 800m Juvenile Boys
12:30 800m Senior Girls 12:45 SLJ / SP Juvenile Boys
12:45 800m Senior Boys
1:20 50m Juvenile Girls 1:30 SLJ / SP Senior Girls
1:35 50m Juvenile Boys
1:50 50m Senior Girls 2:30 SLJ / SP Senior Boys
2:05 50m Senior Boys
2:40 4 x 200m Juvenile Girls
3:00 4 x 200m Juvenile Boys
3:20 4 x 200m Senior Girls
3:40 4 x 200m Senior Boys
4:00 Awards Ceremony

Request for Team Entry to The Province Harry Jerome Gran Forza V:

  • Only 30 teams per division will be invited after application to the meet.  Open to BC Secondary schools only.
  • Each school may apply for up to 2 teams (A & B) per division.  A request for a third team may also be made but will not be considered unless there are spaces available after the entry deadline date.
  • Coaches must register at: trackie.com/online-registration/event.php?id=2024 starting Monday, March 2.  Deadline for entry requests and entry fee is midnight Monday, March 30.
  • Invitations will be confirmed on the web site by 2:00 pm Thursday, April 2.  
  • In the event an entry application is not accepted, a full refund will be given.


Entry Fees:

  • $65.00 per relay team.  For a 5-member team, this represents a per-person entry fee of $10.00 and a BC Athletics Day-of-Meet membership fee of  $3.00.  Entries are subject to GST/PST and a small per team processing fee (Trackie).  Total per relay team = $65.00 + $8.50 = $73.50
  • Electronic payment at time of entry application has been instituted again this year via Trackie.ca to expedite team check-in procedures as well as streamline the financial process.  Even pre-ordering and payment for shoe spikes has been included in the process!  Payment is by credit card only.
  • NOTE: paying in advance does NOT guarantee entry as there is a 30-team limit per division.

Important Notes:

  • All team members must wear their school colours during their competition.
  • Spikes are NOT permitted for the Standing Long Jump.
  • If shoe spikes are worn, only the following pin spike will be allowed for use on the  Pulastic flooring.  Omni-Lite 5mm Ceramic Indoor Pyramid spike and Omni-Lite 7mm Ceramic Indoor Pyramid spike. The use of any other type or longer length of spike is prohibited and will be strictly enforced.  Spikes may be purchased online at time of event registration.  Spikes will also be available for purchase on day of meet – but avoid unnecessary delays – buy online.
  • The Track Zone starting blocks will be the only ones utilized.
  • Throwing implements are provided and will be grade-appropriate by current BC High School standard.  
  • Shot Put Girls: 3kg (Gr 8-10); 4kg (Gr 11-12).
  • Shot Put Boys: 4kg (Gr 8); 5kg (Gr 9-10); 6kg (Gr 11-12).


  • The 4 x 200m relay requires four laps of the track.  In this event, the first three curves are run in lanes with the cut-in on entering the back straight.  The first baton exchange occurs in lanes with remaining exchanges conducted similar in manner to the outdoor 4 x 400m relay.
  • The 800 metres will start on a single curved line; break in when clear; 9 runners max


  • The check-in area (Athlete Control Center) for all events is located on the long straightaway along the north-side window wall of the complex.

Athlete Registration & Spectators:

  • Coach, athlete, and spectator access to the Track Zone starts at 10:30 am.
  • Coaches may pick up their teams competition bibs starting at 10:00 am at the School Teams Check-in table in the entrance lobby to the Oval.  Coaches receive complimentary admission to the meet.  Athletes must display their competition bib in order to gain free access to the track zone.
  • We recommend that coaches arrange a specific time for their team members to meet them at the entrance to facilitate the distribution of bibs.
  • General Admission tickets:  $5.00.   Children under 13 accompanied by an adult are free.

Start List and Final Schedule:

  • Will be posted to this site on April 2.
  • The Final Schedule and Program will be posted by 2:00 pm Monday, April 6.  Please consider this to be the official program.  The overall meet start time will not change from 12:00 noon on Saturday, but individual events start times may change after that to reflect entry numbers.


Covered pay parking ($1.00 per hour) is available at the facility.  With large groups at special events (like ours) parking becomes quite limited and overflow free parking has been obtained at the WorkSafe BC (WCB) complex just one block south with entrance on Elmbridge Way just west of intersection with Hollybridge Way.  Please refer to the map.  Plan ahead to find this location!

Check-in Times & Athlete Control Center (ACC):

  • Check-in for all events will be located outside the north east corner of the running track and must occur between 20-30 minutes before the posted start time.  Athletes must report wearing school colours and prepared to compete. The ACC clerk will escort competitors to the start of their event when it is time.
  • Coaches are requested to ensure that their athletes adhere to these time parameters.
  • Only the approved type and length of spikes are allowed and will be checked at both the Athlete Control Center and at the start for every race on the track.

BC Athletics Membership Requirements:

High Schools that have a 2014/2015 BC Athletics School Club or School District Club Membership are not required to pay the School Day of Event Membership. If verification of this is presented on day of meet to the School Team Check-In table, then a refund of $15.00 per team will be made to the school.  A list of 2014/2015 School Club members can be found at bcathletics.org/TrackAndField/Membership/  or contact Sam Collier at sam.col@bcathletics.org

Information on BC Athletics school membership types (Elem / Sec) can be found at:

bcathletics.org/Membership/ or

Contact Sam Collier at BC Athletics – Email: sam.collier@bcathletics.org  Phone: 604-333-3556

Meet Program:

This year our PAPERLESS program will be available on this site after 2:00 pm on Monday, April 6.

Register starting Monday, March 2

Deadline for entry requests and entry fee is midnight Monday, March 30