Scott Russell Breaks Canadian Javelin Record


Scott Russell

Dylan Armstrong started the trend to have a Canadian lead the world in throwing the shot put.  He kept this reputation by winning the final stop of the National Track League in Toronto tonight with his 21.33m effort. Dylan is by any measure a big guy for any Canadian, with is 6’4” 310 pound frame. Now another big guy, Scott Russell who stands 6’9” but weighs just less than 300 pounds is attempting to mimic Dylan’s rise to the top.

Scott is a two time NCAA Javelin Champion for his alma mater, the University of Kansas and was 10th in the Beijing Olympics. Now 32 years, he made a massive statement in Toronto as he broke by 40 cm his own 6-year-old Canadian record with an 84.81m launch of the 800-gram spear. This moves this middle school teacher to the 8th spot in the world. He took a hiatus from training and competing in 2010 but an early season win at the Kansas Relays with 81.96m rekindled a spark of the Olympic dream.  He will be tested again in August at the World Championships in Daegu, Korea.

From top: Felicien, Holder, Whyte & George

Phylicia George upset Perdita Felicien by the narrowest of margins as the University of Connecticut graduate edged the Canadian record holder by .01 seconds as both battled headwinds of -1.7m/s.  The time was 12.87 seconds over the 10 barriers. Nikkita Holder edged veteran Angela Whyte 13.02 to 13.21 in this event which continues to Canada’s strongest event world wide even with Priscilla Lopes Schliep on maternity leave.

Bryan Barnett

Bryan Barnett dominated the 200m with a close victory over Jared Connaughton and Gavin Smellie with times of 20.86, 20.88 and 20.92 respectively.  Walter Dix showed why he is the US 100m Champion as he recorded 10.18 seconds against a -2.0m/sec “tornado”. Jamaican, Lerone Clarke took second narrowly over Sam Effah 10.33 to 10.38 with Justyn Warner edging Gavin Smellie 10.44 to 10.46.  Without a doubt look for Effah, Warner, Smellie, Barnett and Connaughton to be the heart of Canada’s 4x100m team in Daegu next month.

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